Gardens in British Columbia

When it comes to this province located on the west coast of Canada, British Columbia boasts some of the loveliest gardens in this region of the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the gardens are so lush and green that visitors from the UK often compare the grounds to artificial grass in london. British Columbia boasts a mild, rainy climate that "feels" subtropical in the region's many public gardens and parks.

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Top gardens found in British Columbia

Another aspect of visiting British Columbia's many famed gardens, parks and other protected areas is linked to the province setting aside 14 massive tracks of land for garden viewing and enjoyment. In fact, there is an impressive network of provincial parks featuring every type of garden imaginable. For instance, there are 140 ecological reserves, 35 marine parks, seven provincial heritage sites contained with its 14 designated garden park areas. In addition, there are some outstanding natural gardens run by the British Columbia Parks of the Ministry of Environment. This mix of top gardens is so massive that it is considered to be the largest in Canada's National Parks system, states its Ministry of Environment website.

British Columbia gardens impressive

Image a massive plot of land over 48,000 km or about 18,000 square miles of arable and protected land that is set aside for the sheer enjoyment of garden fans. For example, many of the top gardens in B.C. are credited with being "mirrors" of historic gardens back in London and other parts of the UK. According to numerous comments from UK visitors who enjoyed the province's many gardens and parks, "it feels like our gardens back home." Other UK visitors offered glowing testimonials online about visiting a "country of gardens," because there simply are so many garden parks to visit in British Columbia.

The top seven national parks that boast absorbing and engrossing garden areas in B.C. include

- Yoho National Park

- Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

- Mount Revelstoke National Park

- Kootenay National Park

- Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site

- Glacier National Park

- Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

In general, there are so many wonderful garden parks in British Columba that visitor's say it would take months to enjoy them all.

B.C. gardens feature joyous fauna in a wild environment

The garden fans who enjoy all the fauna in this wild natural environment think that next to viewing and enjoying garden plants that watching animals in the garden parks is equally enjoyable. For instance, a typical B.C. garden environment may include sighting of the famed Kermode or "spirit" bear, while there is also plenty of elk, deer, moose, caribou, big-horn sheep, mountain goals, beavers, eagles, herons, Canada geese, loons, owls and ducks to entertain both young and old.

Meanwhile there is an impressive offering of plant species in public gardens that include Scotch broom, Himalayan blackberry, common British dandelion, English ivy, thistle and a wide selection of other fauna and animal life.

Overall, there is no place on earth with as many wondrous gardens as British Columba.